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Lido Dunes Civic Association

Notable Residents

Cole Porter, American song writer lived at 91 Matlock Street.

Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence, showbiz personalities and leading singers of American Pop Music rented at 11 Nantwick Street and owned at 82 Saratoga Street.

William B.Williams, Radio Personality on WNEW, owned at corner of Lido Blvd. & Luchon Street.

Carol Burnett, American actress and comedienne, rented at 85 Pinehurst Street.

Cab Calloway American jazz singer and bandleader, rented in Lido Colony .

Eleanor Holm won the gold medal in 100m backstroke at 1932 Olympics. She lived in Lido Colony and swam at Lido Country Club.

Arnie Rosen who wrote Sergeant Bilko (syndication title), for the Phil Silvers Show lived at 19 Royat Street.

Dr Kenneth Metcalf, leading pediatrician, lived on Biarritz Street 

Oliver Jennings, leader and businessman in the Oil Industry and a close friend of Rockefeller was said to have partnered in the founding of Standard Oil and lived at 69 Royat Street.

Jim Bouton, former pitcher, NY Yankees and author of "Ball Four", a story of being a pitcher for Yankee’s, rented at 56 Leamington Street.

Nathan Goodman, owner of Spiedel Watch Band Company, built  the Pink Castle and Lived at  83 Luchon Street .