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Lido Dunes Civic Association

General Information


There is no on street parking on ANY street in the Dunes. Please make provisions for any extra cars you may have. This is for the protection of everyone. All cars MUST be in your driveway, garage, etc. If you are having a special event at your home, please notify the Town Board (812-3531) at least 1 week in advance. They will note it and advise the patrol car in our area. They can also fax you a parking waiver. You can make copies and place in the car windshields during your event. Please note; there is NO OVERNIGHT PARKING.

Please feel free to notify the Police at any time about illegally parked cars, by calling 911. They will respond and issue a summons. This has proved to be very helpful. In many cases, the illegally parked car was not from our neighborhood. Reporting to the Police can help prevent burglaries, and unwanted visitors from accessing the beach. If the car is actually a neighbor's car, they will still be ticketed, as that is the RULE of our community. Only through continued enforcement of this rule and YOUR help, can we get full compliance.

We are all aware of the speeding on Lido Blvd. The Police have been very responsive and are constantly issuing tickets. There is also a serious problem on our streets. Please DO NOT speed down your block. The block speed limit is 15 MPH. The Civic Association has purchased and installed 15 MPH signs on each block. We have many Children at Play signs. We have many children who play on the streets in the Dunes. Please be aware and considerate of your neighbors. If you notice a neighbor who constantly speeds down your block, please try to "gently" remind him or her of the speed limit. Please come to a Board Member or your Block Captain if it becomes a problem and we will try to help.

We have many school buses in our neighborhood picking up our children for school, camp, etc. Please remember it is Illegal to pass a School Bus, which has its red lights blinking in either direction. The Police have stepped up their surveillance and are issuing summonses of $250.00 + 2 POINTS. Please be considerate and mindful of our precious children.

Please be sure that you maintain your property. Mow the grass and trim the trees and hedges. Keep the walkway clear for our pedestrians. Please DO NOT allow hedges and trees to become overgrown and a hazard to those trying to walk. Please report any issues to the Town of Hempstead (489-5000), they will send a representative out to visit the home and issue a summons if necessary.

Please note that all homeowners are responsible to clean the snow from their walks. This includes sidewalks on ALL property sides. If you live on a corner house that borders on Lido Blvd., you MUST clean the snow on that sidewalk as well. We have had a MAJOR issue this year with access to School Bus Stops. We have spoken to the Long Beach City School District Transportation Department. Summonses WILL BE ISSUED to those homeowners who do not comply. If you see a problem, please report it to the Town Of Hempstead (489-5000) and they will respond. This also applies to those homeowners who border on the Dunes Road (Ocean Blvd.). Please remove the snow from that path as well.

Garbage is collected enter on the regular twice-weekly collection days. Please DO NOT leave your trash at the curb for days. It is a good idea to secure the tops of your garbage pails so as not to attract pests to climb in or topple over.

Any properties, which border on Ocean Blvd. (Beach Path) or Lido Blvd, MUST be maintained. This means that if you border onto the Beach path, the north side of the walkway belongs to you. Please keep the grass cut and bushes trimmed. Please have your landscaper remember this. Do not allow this area to overgrow. This makes it impossible for your neighbors to stroll on the walkway, and encourages unwanted individuals to have a "hiding" place. The Civic Association will ask any property owner who is not maintaining their property to please do so. If that does not happen, we will ask the Town to issue a summons. The south side of the walkway is maintained by the TOH Parks Department. If your home borders Lido Blvd., the same applies. Please keep the walkway clean and free of overgrowth.

The Civic Association has done much to improve the surroundings in our neighborhood, beginning with the May Clean Up. We have placed barrels, filled with plants. If you want to add some flowers, please do so. Also, please try your best to keep them watered.


During the period between May 1st and October 1st in any calendar year, customers are required to obey the following regulations:

1) NO lawn sprinkling and watering of shrubs between the hours of 10AM and 4PM, regardless of the day of the week.

2) Only even-numbered home addresses on even-numbered days may sprinkle lawns and water shrubs.

3) Only odd-numbered home addresses on odd-numbered days may sprinkle lawns and water shrubs.

NO water for air conditioning, refrigeration or other water-cooling equipment shall be installed, operated, maintained or used unless equipped with a water-conserving device in conformance with the Water Department requirements.


Dogs are a welcome part of the community, however, they must be walked with a leash at all times. They also MUST be cleaned up after. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach at any time. You will be issued a summons.
Please feel free to report any issue to the Animal Control Department (785-5220). If you are having a continual problem with a neighbor concerning the clean up of a dog, please try to work it out by discussing the situation calmly with them. If need be, please inform one of our members so we can try to intervene.
We also have left notices for neighbors to remind them of the clean up issue.

We have had a problem with stray (feral) cats in our community. If you catch the animal, in a cage, the Town of Hempstead Animal Control Department will pick it up (785-5220). Please understand that if you feed the cats, they will come back.

Please do not attempt to corner a raccoon or opossum. Call the Animal Control Department. If these animals are out in the daytime, it usually means that they are ill. Please keep garbage secure and covered tightly at all times. This will discourage them from coming around to search for food.