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Zoning Issues

What you need to know about obtaining Building Permits and Variances.

For most renovations to your home you need to apply to the Town of Hempstead for a Building Permit.

Call the Building Department at 516-489-5000 to obtain information to determine if you need a Building Permit and if so, how to apply and obtain an application for a Building Permit. Be sure it is filled out completely.

After submitting the application for the Building Permit you’ll be informed if you need to file for a variance. Your architect, engineer or contractor, whomever you indicated to be the contact, will be notified if a variance is needed. You will get a copy of that letter from the town.

If you are told that you need to apply for a Variance.

Owners of property within 200 feet of your property line must be notified of the variance request and the date and time of the hearing.

All variance requests are published in Newsday every Friday in the Classified Section. You can also look online at the Town of Hempstead web page.    Click on Building and Zoning.

How do you react to a Variance request from your neighbor?

Talk to the neighbor.

Clearly voice your consent, support or your concerns.

Attempt to resolve your concerns.

If this is not successful you should appear at the scheduled hearing. Register and indicate why you’re there. (For variance, against variance, just interested).

Be prepared to speak to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Explain your concerns and problems with your neighbor’s building plan, be specific.

If you’re at the hearing to support the Building Permit, state why.

You’ll be notified in writing of the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Once the permit has been approved, the TOH issues a poster that is positioned in a clear, visible area of the construction site.  This poster is bright orange to stand out and has the details of what has been approved to be built.

This is just a summary of our understanding of Building Permits and Variances; the Building Department can provide more details.

Anyone in the community may attend these hearings and register to speak to the board.


The Town of Hempstead Department of Buildings is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Zone Ordinance and portions of the Town Code.  If a resident believes that a business, landowner, proprietor or homeowner is not in compliance with the codes and ordinances of the Town of Hempstead, they can request a code enforcement officer to review the situation.  Requests for code enforcement officers should be made in writing to:

Town Of Hempstead Building Department
One Washington Street
Hempstead, NY 11550

If the incident warrants, code enforcement officers may issue court appearance tickets.